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Dienstag, 7. August 2018

Skincare Empties // First half of 2018

Over half of the year 2018 is already over and I've used and tried many products. Of course there are a few items I was able to use up and make up my mind wether or not I like them. I'm currently on a no-buy as I have too many products that I need to finally use up and as a student it's also better to save money.
So let's see what I think about the korean skincare stuff that I was able to use up. There are some gems and some eh not so much.
Cleansing is probably one of my favorite steps in a skincare routine. Esepcially now in the Summer heat it feels so refreshing washing off all the makeup, dirt and sweat. You just instantly feel way better and more awake. 

The Face Shop Real Blend Deep Cleansing Oil
This cleansing oil was definitely one of my favorites. Due to its pump it's easy to use, clean and sanitary. As it's a big bottle it lasted me for around 5 - 6 months which is really good! Another plus is that it smells good and fresh, but if you're someone not keen on scents you won't be happy with this. I personally loved it just like the real dried flower in the bottle which makes a nice eye catcher in every bathroom.
Repurchase? - Definitely! But maybe one of the other versions, as there are three

Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Foam
Usually I need forever to use up a cleansing foam as you never really need a lot of product but with this one it lasted for around 4 months. I don't think that's super long for a cleansing foam. It does smell fresh and not too overwhelming. Using this is pretty simple, just like every other cleansing foam that comes as a cream. Put a pea sized amount in your hand, foam it up with water and then cleanse your face. After using this my face elt very clean and not dried out which is often a problem I have with other 2nd cleansers. It is not my favorite tho, I have yet to find my holy grail cleansing foam.
Repurchase? - Probably not, I still have so many in my stash!

B-LAB I Am Sorry Just Cleansing Water
This was more like an eh to me. It did'nt break me out but cleansing water in general isn't anything special, magical or must have item to me. I usually used it in my morning routine, using a cotton pad to remove the dirt from overnight. It did it's job and it was convenient especially when I was running low on time. But it also felt like my skin was a bit too dry afterwards. A definite plus is that it doesn't smell or has any special scent to it. To me it's just plain, boring cleansing water. A little bit too boring. For me to repurchase a cleansing water it needs to have something special.
Repurchase? - No
COSRX Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence
The Essence is now called Galactomyes 95 Tone Balancing Essence. 
I loved this one but I had to get into it first. When I first started using it I didn't feel like it did anything more I thought it was breaking me out. I went minimal on my skincare routine and once my face cleared up I tried using it again and fell in love. It didn't break me out, more did it hydrate my skin and helped getting a more even tone. Even if the effects were more minimal than very noticable. The bottle also lasted me quite some time so this is a plus. It doesn't have a scent, doesn't feel sticky or pill under other products.
Repurchase? - definite yes!

Whamisa Organic Flowers Damask Rose Petal Mist
This mist was always so pretty to look at when it wa still full as it ha real rose petals inside floating. Also, I love the rose scent! Another plus is that the mist is very fine and even, slightly moisturizing and good for a quick refreshment during the day.
Other than that what keeps me from repurchasing is the price. I don't see a point in spending over 30$ for just a mist which doesn't even have huge effects on my skin. I feel like this is only a luxury which is nice to have but the money is spend better elswhere. There are other mists that are way cheaper and have the same effects. Or just use water if you want that refreshing feeling during the day.
Repurchase? - No

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%
Another favorite. I think I've already used up 4+ bottles of this. This niacinamide serum is a major helper and emergency product if I'm breaking out or want to soothe my skin. It has helped me so often already I actually don't want to miss it if I'm going through another huge breakout again. Too bad I'm currently having a no-buy.
It basically helps heal and soothe my skin faster. Redness and pimples minimize quicker if this serum is in my current routine. And it's so cheap compared to other serums, also easier to get as it's nothing Korean.
The only downside I have with this product is that it kinda ills a bit under other products.
Repurchase? - definitve yes!

Benton Cacao Moist and Mild Cream
Another favorite.This cream is very travel friendly as it doesn't come in a huge unpractical tub but a tube and don't need a spatula. It's also more hygienic that way. 
The texture is very creamy but oonce rubbing/patting it in it gets soft and "watery" which feels very nice on the skin. It's very lightweight but still moisturizes the skin enough. It is perfect for a hot summer but also enough for winter if you don't suffer from super dry skin. 
Repurchase? - yes!
Etude House Pink Vital Water Serum
I've had this one for ages but that doesn't mean it took me so long to finish it because I didn't like it. I loved the fresh peachy scent and the watery not heavy texture. It feels really good for summer or a lightweight morning routine. It is moisturizing and does absorb easily.
I'm not really sure if I'd repurchase this one as I still have so many other serums I want to try with better effects and more interesting ingredients. But overall it's a pretty nice serum, but just nothing special.
Repurchase? - probably not

Nature Reublic Fresh Green Tea Seed Serum
I think I got this one in a former Bomibox and it didn't really interest me that much in the beginning. It does smell fresh, a little bit like greentea and not too overwhelming. 
The serum is a little bit thicker than all the other ones I'm showing you today but it still absorbs nicely and quickly. It also doesn't feel sticky nor does it pill under other products. My skin felt quite hydrated whenever I used this. But is this all enough for me to repurchase this serum? To be honest I'm not sure.
Repurchase? - Probably not

Thank You Farmer True Water Deep Serum (15ml sample)
This is only a 15ml sample so I can't tell if my opinion would have changed if I had used this for a longer period. Overall because of the name and the price range of the brands products I probably expected a little bit more. It didn't leave a huge impression on me and based on this I wouldn't buy the full size. It definitely was moisturizing but ti be honest I could probably get the same effects with a cheaper serum
Repurchase? - No

Benton Cacao Moist and Mild Serum
I've already reviewed this on my instagram and will soon also post a more comprehensive review of this later on my blog. 
This serum is very lightweight and watery but still very moisturizing. It does get absorbed quite quicky and doesn't leave a sticky film on my skin. Ot doesn't have a scent which is a hge plus, especially for those who only want/can use products without any artificial scents in it. It is great especially for summer. For winter I'd need something more hydrating or more layers. I already have a backup as I got it in a past Bomibox.
Repurchase? - Already have a backup
Secret Key Snail Repairing Sun Cream
I've used this mostly on my body and it did save me from several sun burns. But on my face it just feels gross. I feel like I sweat more while having this on my skin and my face looks and feels more greasy and hot. That's the only downside I have with this suncream. 
The texture is quite thin and "milky" compared to other suncreams. I guess it does leave a slight whitecast but on my skin tone it is not noticable as I'm very pale so I don't have a problem with that. The scent is not bad but a little bit weird. My best friend once said it smells a bit like toothpaste and I think she's right. It reminded me a bit of children's toothpaste.
Repurchase? - No

Missha All-Around Safe Block Essence Sun
I currently have this in use as it is my current favorite suncream. 
It's a nice texture, not too thin or thick, it feels just right. It has a satiny finish so you don't look or feel greasy at all. What I've also experienced was that while wearing this my makeup held up even longer so that's a huge plus! Also it doesn't leave a whitecast, at least I can't notice it at all. The scent is not overpowering but actually really nice. While wearing it you don't notice the scent anymore. I still have 2+ backups of this so it's safe to say that this is my this years suncream favorite!
Repurchase? - Already have!

Missha All-Around Safe Block Essence Sun Milk
Another Missha suncream. This is one of my favorites as well. Texture wise it's a bit more moisturizing than the Essence Sun so I actually like to use it in Winter. It doesn't feel heavy or leaves a tacky finish, it actually looks quite nice on the skin. I've already used up 3 bottles of this before I tried the Missha Essence Sun.
Repurchase? -  Probably yes!

Benton Papaya-S Sun Cream
I've already reviewed this suncream on my instagram but will definitely will also post this on my blog soon. My opinions on this still are the same. It does leave a very noticable whitecast which I don't mind because of my skin tone. Others with a darker complexion should be a bit more caareful as it can easily lead to looking like a ghost. The texture is not thick and doesn't feel greasy so it's nice to wear. It does hold up while doing sports, heavy sweating and is safe for swimming tho I still would reapply after I've been in the water. Better safe than sorry. 
Repurchase? - Yes!
COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch
I'm pretty sure most of you have heard about these patches. This is still the old design, not their new packaging. I have to hoestly say these are my holy grail. I've already used up several packages of these and will forever buy them until I find something better. 
They helped me in a lot of emergency situations, for example when I had a date and two days before I stereotypically got a nasty pimple. Putting these on for 2 nights straight it flattened the pimple, reduced the swelling, redness and inflammation. It does significantly help but you can't just pop it onto any pimple sadly. It's still magic to me and will forever repurchase. I do have the new version as well and like it even better as they stick way better on the skin than these.
Repurchase? - Yes!!

A'PIEU Deep Clean Cleansing Oil
I've used this sample when I slept at a friends house and didn't have anything else to wash off my makeup. It did it's job but I wasn't wowed by it. But for the price of the fll size product you can't complain. I'd still would not buy it as I have other cleansers that I like better.
Repurchase? - No

Skin Free Black Charcoal Nose Pack
To be honest I don't even know why included this in my empties post. I don't really like this blackhead nose strips because they never work but I still keep trying them as I get them as samples with my K-Beauty orders. It's a never ending cycle! Maybe I should just give them away. Does anyone use this and is happy with those because they work for them? I wanna know!
Repurchase? - NO

So those were all my empties! This post got longer than I thought but I'm happy to hear your opinions on some of these products. 
I'm pretty sure I'll have more empties coming soon as I gradually work through my stash and really want to minimize it. I just feel so overwhelmed with what I actually have sometimes. It's a blessing and a curse! Does anyone else feel that way? 

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