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Donnerstag, 24. März 2016

DIY // Ideas for decorative Easter Eggs

Easter is in more or less in 3 days and maybe you still need some ideas for some fast and easy DIY's for your easter eggs! I just made some and wanted to share these with you. These are great to do with kids as well! And as a reminder, if you choose to make these with hard boiled eggs, I'd suggest to not eat them anymore. You can, but I don't know how/if glue, nail polish and color has an effect on the inside. (That's why I made them with blown out ones! You can also hang these up and keep them way longer.)

1.  Paper maché/Decoupage eggs
I find this actually very decorative and you can use these eggs not only for the time around easter but all year round! Add in a little bit of gold and it turns into a tiny statement piece for your home. For nerdy people like me, I covered one egg with manga pages! I got a free sample and use this one for decoupage. :)

You will need:
- paste/decoupage glue/napkin glue
- brush
- napkins or newspaper (comics/mangas are great too!)
- for that extra shine: gold leaves (I found mine in a dollar store)

Take the brush and put some of the glue onto your egg then add a few small pieces of newspaper (like me) or napkin and cover it with glue again. Work your way all around until you've covered your whole egg. Let it dry and then your done!
If you want to add the gold part, just use the gold leaves and do the same just like the newspaper. I'd suggest to cover your eggs with a clear acrylic spray for a shiny, glossy finish.

2. Real flower decoupage
This is a more traditional look for easter eggs. Super pretty for spring to hang up or put into a nice bowl. 

You will need:
- acrylic paint (brown)
- pressed little flowers
- brushes
- podge/glue

Because most of my eggs were brown I first painted them white. You can of course skip this step. Beginn with painting the stems and branches with a thin brush. Don't think while doing that, just draw and let it flow. If you're unsure, you can always look up some pictures on the internet, though! After the paint dried just use the method described in my previous instructions. First add glue and then put one fake flower on, then spread glue over it and let it dry. Done!
3. marbled eggs

These are the most colorful ones out of my bunch of eggs! I really like this technique because you never really know how it will turn out in the end.

You will need:
- nail polish (pick whatever colors you want, go wild with it!)
- bowl with water
- toothpick

It's exactly the same technique like the one with your nails, I bet most of you know! Put your nail polish into the bowl filled with water. Add as many colours as you like! I personally always used 2 - 3 colors, as less is more. To create a nice marbled effect, pick your toothpick and try to carefully mix the colors a bit. Then you can put your eggs into that bowl. The nail polish will stick to your egg and you have this beautiful effect in the end. Done!
I hope you liked these little DIY ideas! If you use one of my tutorials be sure to show me a picture of your creations! I'd love to see. :)
I wish everyone a Happy Easter and a really nice time with your family and friends!

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