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Montag, 16. Mai 2016

Haul // Skin18 Sheet Mask Box Subscription - 1 Month Tryout

Long time no see! The past few weeks I've been caught up in school stuff because my final exams already started. I was a little stressed but now I have a two weeks break and I can finally show you which orders came in just recently!
First up are 2 boxes of the Skin18 Sheet Mask Box Subscription - 1 Month Tryout.
I bought the box of April (ver. A) and the one of May (ver. B). As far as I know there are always two versions that slightly differ, but not too much. I chose my boxes based on the sample pictures they have. One box costs 18 $, shipping to most countries included.
Because I bought both boxes in April/May and there is a promotion going on I got 10 additional sheet masks as a gift. That made a total of 30 masks per box! (That's why I already ordered a June box, because no one can't have enough sheet masks, right?!) It always varies what's in the box, sheet masks for your face, hand/foot masks, wash off masks... etc.

Here are the contents of the April (A) box:

Wash off masks:
It's skin Todak Todak pack:
  • Elasticity
  • Nutrition
  • Pore
  • Moisture
  • Vitality
Sheet Masks:
Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheet:
  • Cucumber
  • Acai Berry
  • Tomato
  • Placenta
  • EGF
  • Lipidure (2x)
Four Season:
  • Snail Repairing Wrinkle Care Intensive Mask
  • Syn-Ake Anti-wrinkle Time Reset Newborn Mask
  • Multi Vita Brightening Active Mask
Mediheal Beauty Clinic:
  • Platinum V-Life
  • Collagen Impact
  • Pearl Mask
  • Aqua Ring Mask
  • Tea Tree Mask
  • Potato
  • Orange
  • 4D Protein Healing Bird Nest
  • fresh fruit Green Tea
  • fresh fruit Honey
Beauty Friends II:
  • Kiwi
  • Collagen
It's Skin:
  • Pore Mask Sheet
Beau Beauté:
  • Collagen hydrogel essence beauty mask
Royal Skin:
  •  The Gold Edition 24K Gold Snail
Contents of Box May (B):
Eye Patches:
  • Hydrogel Eye Patch for Eye Puffiness
  • Hydrogel Eye Patch for Wrinkle
  • Collagen Hydrogel Eye Patch
  • Vitamin Hydrogel Eye Patch
Nose Strips:
  • Charcoal Nose Cleansing Strip
  • Lemon Tea Tree Nose Cleansing Strip
  • Mugwort Nose Strip
Sheet Masks:
Holika Holika:
  • Juicy Mask Sheet Mango
  • Juicy Mask Sheet Blue Berry
  • Juicy Mask Sheet Honey
  • Real Cocoon
  • Real Honey
Four Season:
  • Syn-Ake Anti-wrinkle Time Reset Newborn Mask
  • Snail Repairing Wrinkle Care Intensive Mask
  • Red Ginseng White Clean Active Mask
  • Multi Vita Brightening Active Mask
  • Collagen Real Nature Mask Sheet
  • fresh fruit Honey
  • fresh fruit Aloe
  • fresh fruit Lemon
  • fresh fruit Blue berry
  • fresh fruit Green tea
Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheet:
  • Rose
  • Shea Butter
  • Green Tea
Beauty Friends II:
  • Raspberry
  • Red Ginseng
  • Mung Bean
  • Red Ginseng Natural Essence Mask
  • Collagen Natural Essence Mask
  • Green Gram Natural Essence Mask
  • Snail Natural Essence Mask
  • Anti-Aging Hyaluron Moisture Mask
  • Anti-Aging Snail Repairing Mask
As you can see, in both boxes were around 30 Masks included, so for 18 $ it was really a huge bargain! (Note: Normally there are around 20 masks in box, but because of the promotion there were more added.) I'm super happy that I came across these boxes and I'll probably continue buying these every once in a while. I also thought about getting a 3 months or 6 months subscription. I really suggest checking it out, especially those who are very new in asian skincare/masks! If anyone wants a specific review about one mask, just tell me! I'm happy sharing my experiences with these masks. :)
If anyone is interested:

What are your favorite sheet masks/masks in general? I'm always on the hunt for good ones. Also, how do you organize them? I know, that a lot of you have way more masks then I have but I already struggling finding an idea where I should put all of them. 

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