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Freitag, 19. Februar 2016

Outfit // Vintage Traveler

(Later than I intended to post this outfit, but I was so stressed because of work and school last week so it didn't work out.)
I'm so happy to show you my very first outfit post! It's a really cute dress I got a few years ago from YesStyle but never really wore it so I thought I should take pictures with it and then just sell that thing. It has a really nice rosy color, paired with the pleated skirt part and the bow and peter pan collar it gives off a very dreamy and romantic feeling. I usually don't really style myself like that anymore but it was really nice for a change. It also reminds me a bit of a certain japanese fashion style which I forgot the name of.
The backpack is from Taobao and was really cheap but very well made! I love it and use it quite often. Oh and btw, a Taobao haul is coming up soon and if you're interested in a review of Bhiner (a Taobao agent) or a guide/tutorial on how to order, then just tell me!
The glasses are from Aliexpress and were really inexpensive! I didn't want to risk and get expensive ones just in case they don't really fit me. I'm still unsure if these look good on me but at least I'm okay with how I look on the pictures.
Yesstyle - Dress I Taobao - Backpack I Aliexpress - Glasses
I hope you all have a great friday evening! I sadly have to work, but just for 4 hours so it's okay. :) Oh and if anyone's interested in this dress then just message me or comment!

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