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Sonntag, 24. Januar 2016


I'm Ramona, the girl behind Hello Lovely Ghost. Being 19 and currently in my final year of High School and preparing for my exams is probably not the best time to start blogging. But I thought, hey why not? I've already had a blog, but I've neglected it for quite some time so a fresh new start was definitely necessary.
This blog will all be about my favorite things, what I love and do. I'll take you with me when I'm going somewhere special, on adventures, I'll show you my favorite products, recipes, just everything that I'm fond of. From time to time I'll review things and share some DIYs. 

To myself, I'm currently living in a small town in Bavaria, Germany, near the Austrian border to Salzburg. I love cosplay, photography, makeup, fashion, drawing, basketball, DIY, baking and cooking, reading and watching an endless amount tv shows and movies. Of course, this blog will also be a part of me now. I'm actually quite shy and introverted, but whenever I'm with good friends, I can be a total weirdo and loud person.

Comments are always open, I love constructive criticism, ideas for new posts and getting to know new people. Share your blogs with me, if you think I'll like your content and we have something in common. I'm open to new things!

You can find me here as well:  lookbook

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