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Dienstag, 11. Oktober 2016

Review // The Face Shop Monopop Eyes 02 Lovely Apeach

This is my very first review of a beauty product and I have yet to figure out how to take proper pictures of swatches. I'm sorry for blurry pictures in advance.
If anyone follows me on Instagram you might know that I got the Monopop Eyes 02 Lovely Apeach Palette of the Brand The Face Shop a while ago. They've collaborated with the popular Kakao Friends and released many products with a super cute design.
I love Kakaotalk and it's characters so I just had to have it! 
The palette comes with a cardboard sleeve and shows Apeach with it's eyes closed, on the palette itself there is Apeach with cute, sparkling eyes. The packaging is made of sturdy plastic and closes easily and tightly. The eyeshadows are covered with a piece of plastic which shows all Kakao Friends characters lined up, super cute idea! 
Using this palette is actually super comfortable as it can be laid out flat and comes with a huge mirror, it makes a great palette for travelling as you don't have to bring an extra mirror with you. Also included is an eyeshadow applicator, but I don't really use it as I normally prefer brushes.
The palette contains 8 eyeshadows, all are easy to wear day and night and can get combined however you like it. Suitable to the Apeach design all eyeshadows come in warm rosy/pink colors which give off a more romantic look. They all are shimmery, some more than others. The counterpart to this, the Muzi palette, focuses on brown shades.
The shadows are easy to blend and aren't highly pigmented so you can build the intensity of the colors up and layer them. I also haven't experienced a lot of fall out while applying them onto my eyes. But I do recommend using an eyeshadow primer if you want more vibrant and intensive colors on your lids.
Overall I can say this is a great palette with a nice selections of colors and overall has great quality. It's quite small and handy so it's easy to take it with you on a trip! 
Some might be a little disappointed that there isn't a matte shade, but I personally don't mind.
I'd definitely recommend this palette to anyone who wants to play with eyeshadows and create romantic and cute looks! 
It's also not really expensive, I got it for around 15$.

Keep in mind that this is a limited edition product so grab it while you can!  
I bought the palette at Beauty Box Korea but it's currently not available. There is a chance that they might restock the palette, as they also have the Muzi one back in stock. 
But it's definitely still available on Ebay! Though it is a little bit more expensive there.

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