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Dienstag, 27. Juni 2017

Review // Chateau Labiotte Wine Eye Shadow Palettes

I'm back with another review, this time about the Labiotte Wine Eye Shadow Palettes!
Labiotte, a brand owned by Tony Moly, has been quite popular since around last year, especially because of their Wine Lip Tints I have yet to try.
Like other roadshop brands they carry makeup as well as skincare. I haven't had the chance to try anything aside the eye shadow palettes so I guess I'll share my thoughts about these with you.

There are two versions, 01 Dry Wine and 02 Sweet Wine. Both come in a palete with a carton around it with a pretty wine bottle design. As expected from Labiotte. On the back are basic informations and the eyeshadow names. An eyeshadow brush is also included, which I don't use because I personally prefer my own brushes. Though it doesn't feel like it's bad quality at all so if you're in a rush or only have this option you can definitely use it! Something positive about the palettes is, that they come with a big mirror (as big as the palette) which makes it super travel friendly. The palette closes shut easily and nothing feels flimsy or breaks, the eyeshadow pans are also glued so nothing falls out if you shake it or anything happens.

01 Dry Wine
Dry Wine consists of a lot of brown, bronze and golden shadows while Sweet Wine is a little bit more adventurous with a really pretty dark red and also brown/bronze colors.
Both palettes offer a nice variety of matte, shimmer and sparkly eyeshadows. You'll definitely be able to create lots of pretty looks with them!
02 Sweet Wine
Let's talk about the pigmentation. It definitely depends on the shade. The lighter and more matte colors don't have great pigmentation, whereas the darker and more shimmery colors have more color pay off. Korean eyeshadows usually tend to not have strong pigmentation but I think the Labiotte palettes are an exception! I was actually pretty surprised by their quality. You can also build up the colors to some extent which is a plus. Though I feel like they don't last the whole day until the evening without an eye primer. 
The very glittery eyeshadows create quite a lot of fallout so you should be careful if you don't want your cheeks to be a glittery mess! 
Here you can see both palettes in action: 

First up, Dry Wine. With the very neutral and basic shades, you can create looks for daily wear, either for work or going shopping! If you want to use this palette and create a nighttime look, just add the darkest shade, Dark Brown, and you're good to go!
Next: Sweet Wine. This is a palette suitable for more romantic looks. You can also transition into a nighttime look if you're using the dark red shade, Matte Burgundy, which I did for example. It does leave a lot of room to create many different looks with just a few shades.
The palettes retail for around 20 - 27 $ depending on where you buy it.
I can defintily recommend both palettes, especially if you want to have a travel friendly one, that's not too bulky and can still get a big variety of shades out of it. It's also quite beginner friendly as the shades are buildable and the pigmentation isn't too strong to overwhelm someone at first! My personal favorite is the Sweet Wine version as I just love reds and pinks on my eyes but I definitely like using the Dry Wine palette as well. The only thing that annoys me is the fallout of the very glittery shadows but that's actually very common and happens all the time. For the price and amount you get it's a save buy and you won't be disappointed!

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