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Montag, 26. September 2016

Kawaii Panda Box September 2016 Unboxing

This is my very first Kawaii Panda Box so I was pretty excited when I received it last Saturday! This box is quite new to me and I haven't really seen a lot of reviews or unboxing videos/posts on it so I just got one to see if it's another good option to try out new products. As this box didn't came with an information card I checked different online shops and checked the retail prices and availability!

Etude House // Fresh Cup Strawberry Smoothie Modeling Mask
The first product I immediately noticed due to it's size is th Fresh Cup Strawberry Smoothie Modeling Mask from Etude House! It's a modeling mask, that means you have to mix the powder with water yourself, it's also only for one use, which I didn't expect at first as it's a huge container with quite a lot of powder. A spatula is included and you can directly pour the water into the plastic container.
The Strawberry Smoothie mask claims to moisturise, brightens and sooths skin. There are also 2 other types, aloe smoohie to improve irritations and moisturising as well as soothing the skin, and blueberry smoothie which provides rich nourishment and elasticity.
I'm excited to try it out as I've never had this type of masks of a korean brand.
Price: 3,500WON (3,20$) roseroseshop I 5,98$ Jolse
Celranico // Green Tea Seed Oil Balancing Essence
This is a brand I've never heard of before! It's an essence and smells like a lot of other green tea products, though I can also sense a little bit of alcohol in it, which is also quite far up on the ingredients list. 
Sadly I haven't found a lot about this product nor it's brand, it seems to be quite new. The official website states that it's an organic cosmetic brand which only focuses on ingredients and not on fancy packaging. Check out CosDNA for a few ingredient lists, if you're interested.
It's a clear, watery-type of essence. I tried it on the back of my hands and it seems to be moisturizing though I can't say anything about long-term effects as I haven't tried it on my face yet.
Price: 19,000WON (17$) roseroseshop I 11,25$ roseroseshop (ebay) I 19,000WON (17$) Celranico Website
Skinfood // Jelly Peau Peach
This is a jelly mask pack which you have to wash off. I got the peach version but there are also strawberry, banana and grape jelly available. The instructions say to spread the jelly onto your face and massage and after 10 minutes you can wash it off. These masks focus on different types of skin benefits such as nourishing (banana), moisturizing (grape), vitalizing (peach) and hydrating (strawberry).
Once I've used it I will try to write a review on this, as I'm myself very curious on how this jelly feels and works on my face and how it smells like!
Price: 1,500WON (1,40$) TesterKorea I 1,500WON (1,40$) roseroseshop
Skinfood // My Short Cake Setting Mascara
Another Skinfood product! I have to admit that the name of the mascara doesn't really sound quite promising. Will the mascara make my lashes look longer? Will it hold the curl? I have no idea. But, ignoring the name, I will definitely try out this product, but not too soon as I have many other mascaras that I have to use up before. 
After searching I have found a lot of good reviews on it!
Price: 3,300WON (3$) roseroseshop
A'PIEU // Sweet Tea Lip Balm (Pink)
I love lip products and this cute one made me really happy! It's small, fits into every handbag and the design is adorable. Besides the pink version that I got, there is also coral, red, white, green and magic. The most interesting ones are probably the white, green and magic lip balms. These change the color once applied! 
They are all moisturizing. I tried it on my lips and on the back of my hands and definitely like how it moisturizes them. On the back of my hand I was able to see a very slight and sheer pinkish color but it's not noticable on my lips anymore.
The only thing I don't like about these types of lip balms is, that you have to use your fingers to apply, so it can get a little unhygienic, if you're not able to wash your hands at the moment. 
Price: 5,500WON (5$) TesterKorea I 5,500WON (5$) roseroseshop
Dr. Young // Clear and Glowing Sky Mask Special Care System with Jeju Citrus
The last product in the box is this sheetmask of the to me unknown brand Dr. Young. It's got a really cute packaging. One main ingredient is citrus which helps brightening your skin. 
I found the brands (singaporean) instagram and website and they stated that all their masks get folded by machines, so no worries! You can buy these masks online and in stores, located in Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Myanmar and USA (SF and LA)! 
Price: 3,000WON (2,70$) roseroseshop I 3,000WON (2,70$) Dr.Young Official Website

Overall thoughts:
This box sums up to roughly 26 $ - 32 $ depending on where you buy it or if it's on sale. (I saw all of these products for cheaper on roseroseshop, but I included the original price without the sale!) All of the items are full size.
I also like the variety of products included in the Kawaii Panda Box, Skincare, Makeup and Sheetmasks. The only thing that could be improved would be that the box should come with an information sheet on how to use the stuff, just in case they don't have english description on their packages.
I paid around 25 $ (including shipping) so this box was definitely worth it!
All in all I would definitely recommend checking out the box as it's a UK based shop and offers cheap shipping within the UK and Europe! They sadly don't ship worldwide though.
Check out their website here and the boxes here.

Donnerstag, 15. September 2016

Mishibox August 2016 Review & Unboxing
Though some have already received the Mishibox of September I still wanted to share my unboxing and thoughts about August's box. It arrived quite late, as shipping to Germany always takes a while but that's not a big issue for me. Every month I'm always excited which products are featured and can't wait to open the next boxes. Of course I try to not spoil myself but this month I wasn't really careful as I was scrolling through my Instagram feed. ;;

Anyway, let's peek inside last month's Mishibox!
Forencos 7 DAYS Mask // Saturday, Elasticity (sent randomly) Full Size
The first thing I saw was Song Joong Ki's face and instantly got happy! I saw these masks when I was in Seoul this year and have been thinking about buying them but in the end decided not to, because I didn't want to spend too much money on sheet masks only.
Now that I got the 7 DAYS MASK // Saturday Mayu Elastic Silk Mask of the brand FORENCOS I can still try it out! (and look at his face all day long... haha) Expect a review of this mask sooner or later! In the meantime it also made a good background for the photos of the other products. :D
Retails for: 3$ / 25ml
Berrisom Oops! My Lip Tint Pack // Virgin Red (sent randomly) Full Size
The next product is one of the raved about Oops! My Lip Tint Packs of Berrisom. I got the colour Virgin Red and immediately swatched it on the back of my hand. All I can say till now is, that's it's very fun to use, very pigmented and the stain will stay for a long while. It took me a long time until I was able to completely wash it off my skin. It's a nice red colour but I still need to see how it looks on my lips. A more 'in-depth' review with swatches will hopefully follow soon.
Retails for: 16$ / 15g
Heimish All Clean Balm Mini Size
Another popular product was included in the box! I've heard of this cleansing balm as a good substitute to the Banila Co. Clean it zero cleanser. Sadly I couldn't find it in Korea so I'm looking forward to finally try it! It's my first cleansing balm as well, so this is even more exciting.
Retails for: 5$ / 7ml (mini size) or 22$ / 120 ml (full size)
Graymelin Rice & Sugar Soft Scrub Full Size
This brand is new to me, I've never heard of it. But the packaging is beautiful and the scrub definitely smells like brown or black sugar. It claims to help remove blackheads, clean pores, control sebum and moisturize effectively. Sounds perfect for my acne-prone skin! I'll update you once I've used it.
Retails for: 20$ / 100g
Benton Aloe Vera Skin Toner & Soothing Gel Mini Size  
Last but not least were two Benton products in the box. To be honest I've never given Benton a lot of attention, except for the products everyone raves about, their snail stuff for example. But I still didn't get anything, don't ask me why. These two products, a toner and a soothing gel, contain aloe vera, that means that it's great for skin damage like acne or redness! Sadly they only come in a mini size which will be good enough for around 2 - 3 uses I guess, perfect for a weekend trip actually! 
Retails for: 17$ / 200ml (Skin Toner) and 17$ / 100ml (Soothing Gel) 
Overall thoughts
I'm quite happy with this Mishibox! All brands are either new to me or I wanted to try them but didn't have the chance yet, so this is perfect. The only thing I'm a little bit disappointed or sad about are the sizes of the Benton products. You can barely test them out for more than a few days and it'll be hard to find out if your face either loves or hates the product. But other than that I'm going to continue getting the box monthly and see what Mishibox will come up with in the future!

If you're interested in getting a Mishibox subscription as well, check out their page!