2016 - Hello Lovely Ghost

Montag, 26. Dezember 2016

K-Beauty Holiday Editions I'm keeping an eye on
Christmas is over already and though there's still no sign of snow yet, the KBeauty world has blessed us with a few really pretty holiday/christmas/winter editions!
Here I'm going to show you those, which I'm most excited about and plan to purchase something.


Innisfree's limited edition consists of not only beauty items but also candles and that sort of stuff. There's also a DIY musicbox available, which is a really unique and cute idea! I won't purchase anything of the collection but I really like the festive design, especially the cushions. They also offer a planner set with pens/pencils which I'll get through a friend. It comes in two colors and is really cute and makes a great gift, even though christmas is already over.


Look at this beautifu packaging of the Laneige holiday collection. The name 'Milkyway Fantasy' fit's perfectly to that sparkling blue design. I ordered the cushion in the shade #13 and can't wait to get it! I saw many pictures of it and everyone says it looks even prettier in person so I'm really excited.

The Face Shop

The Face Shop did it again. They're constantly bringing out limited editions with the Kakao Friends. I love them so much! Especially Ryan and Apeach which is why I'll probably get the hand creams and the Apeach body wash set. I'm also eyeing the Ryan fragrance set and the cushions, even though I already own two of the 3 types of their CC cushions they offer. Seriously, this is going to be the death of me and my poor wallet.

Banila Co

I grew up watching Pink Panther so I'm overly excited that Banila Co has repackaged their famous cleansing balm and some other products! It also comes with an adorable Pink Panther headband which I want the most, I still have to find a way how to get it without having to buy the complete set.


Most of you probably have heard that COSRX came out with a special christmas pack including the two sleeping masks in a super practical tube form! I'm sad that the tube form is only temporary but COSRX usually listens to their customer's voices so there's hope the new packaging will become a standard! I've actually bought the set twice - once from Jolse and once from LoveMyCosmetics - because I really wanted to get the stickers and the planner  and I was too late at the Jolse sale. If anyone is wondering, the planner is not really a planner but more like a notebook kind of thing, which is fine too. I'll find good use for it!

Holika Holika

This year Holika Holika collaborated with the cute lazy egg Gudetama several times. Though they haven't really released a specific holiday collection, their most recent one, which theme is deserts, fits perfectly to the christmas vibe. I've already purchased one of the blushes but have yet to try it.


PeriPera is I think quite popular because of their Lip Inks, which is why they came out with special holiday packaging of them and even one fitting the new year with cute chicken on top! I read that you can remove the figurines and put them on pencils. Super cute idea!

Etude House

Etude House's collection 'My Little Nut' is really pretty. A lot really like the lipsticks and the eye palettes, which I'm eyeing as well. I'm just waiting for a sale so that I might be able to get the eyeshadow palette with the pretty red colors. I know the products are not really expensive but I can't justify buying another palette when it's not on sale!


I like Clio's cushions, so I'm especially eyeing these! I have no experience with any other of their products so I'm not sure if it's worth getting anything else, but the edition gives of a really nice glam/partying vibe which I really like!

Donnerstag, 15. Dezember 2016

Unboxing // Bomibox September 2016
Most of you probably have heard already of the fairly new subscription service called Bomibox! It's done a lot of pomoting on instagram and evrything sounded so good that I immediately subscribed. I'm so easy to get when it's about asian beauty. OTL
The box is slightly more expensive starting at 37$ per month but it contains 8 full sized or deluxe sized beauty products.
They do not write down the retail prices on their information cards so I'll check popular k-beauty online shops like Jolse or Testerkorea.
So let's peek inside what's in the very first Bomibox!
The first three products are from COSRX and Missha! I haven't tried any of these but I love COSRX and most things of Missha anyway so I'm super excited. I've started using the toner and so far it's done a great job prepping my skin for all the actives I slap on my face afterwards. It also comes with a spray head so you can use it as mist and don't have to use cotton pads and can actually save product.
Also the cleanser and the sunscreen will always be useful!
Get the products here: COSRX Toner I COSRX Cleanser I Missha Sunscreen (regular packaging)

Next up we have some smaller products! A Laneige Sleeping Ball, there were three different types available in the box: Firming, Hand or the Face Sleeping Ball. I got the Hand Sleeping Ball and can't wait to try this as my hands are in a really bad condition because of work and the cold weather. The Heimish Lip Palette Mini Kit is great for travelling and is so small and thin that you can easily put it into your purse and use it on the go. The only thing tat could be improved is, that there is no mirror. 
Another product for the hands is the Innisfree Jeju Hand Cream. I got the Lotus Flower version and it smells so good!
The COSRX sample (Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence) and the Etude House Dear Darling Lip Tint were bonuses. I gave them away as I already have them. :)
Get the products here: Heimish Lip PaletteInnisfree Hand Cream I Etude House Lip Tint I COSRX Snail Essence (Full Size)
In the box were two sheet masks! The COSRX Holy Moly Snail Mask and the Mediheal Lightmax Ampoule Mask. I've heard great things about both of them so I'm super excited to try these. Once I've used these you'll probably see them in on eof the upcoming monthly sheetmask roundups. 
Get the products here: Mediheal Mask I COSRX Mask

Overall it's a really great first box! The total value is around 48$ (shipping not included) depending on where you buy it, so it's definitely worth checking out the box. I also love their info cards as they always have a cute and inspirational quote written on it. This time it's "I deserve to be beautiful". Also the wrapping paper was so cute I instantly had to fold some origami cranes for photo purposes!
If you're interested check out their website here: Bomibox.com
And every subscriber gets a personal referal link for others to use, so here's mine: https://ulb.cratejoy.com/refer/Ramon-HUTDYNHQ
This referal link works like that: If 7 people/friends are buying a box through this link, I'll get a box for free. Would be nice but it's definitely not a must. :)

Freitag, 9. Dezember 2016

Unboxing // Mishibox November 2016
Another month another Mishibox! I like this on even more than than the October edition, because of all the cute things from Tony Moly!
Mediheal Petalpoten Hydrop Sleeping Mask // Lotus
I've only tried sheet masks of this brand so far and really liked them, especially the Teatree Care Solution which I've also reviewed in the past. Also sleeping packs are nice and convenient, especially if you didn't have enough time to put on a sheet mask. I apply one almost every day because I need that extra moisture and hydration as the weather gets colder now.
There are three different versions available in the box: Lotus for pore thightening and impoving elasticity, Primrose which is great for moisturizing, repair and skin tone control and Rose which is supposed to calm and moisturize your skin.
If the Lotuse version works well, I'll definitely consider buying the other two as well! They're also really pretty so they'd make great christmas gifts.
Retails for: 15$ / 55ml
Hongik Skin Hand Butter Cream // Lovely Rose
I got the most festive looking packaging of all the six different flavours. This immediately put me in a holiday mood! I really like the scent but it might be a little too strong and overwhelming for those who are sensitive to smells. Just wanted to put that out there.
I keep it on my table so I won't forget to moisturize my hands every once in a while as they really need it!
This hand cream is available in Cherry Blossom, Apple Mango, Petti Baby, Pure Clean Soap, Romantic Musk and Lovely Rose.
Retails for: 6$ / 50ml
Tony Moly Panda Brightening Eyebase // Petite Bunny Gloss Bar #03 Juicy Apple
Two super cute Tony Moly products! This brand is very popular especially because of - you can probably guess - their adorable packaging designs! I'm no stranger to Tony Moly, I actually own a few of these bunny gloss bars and love them. Actually I already have the excact same flavor so I'm currently giving it away in my current giveaway over on instagram! You can check it out here. I have yet to try the eyebase but I already fell in love with the panda. 
Retails for: Gloss Bars: 8$ / 2g; Brightening Eyebase: 12$ / 9g
Esfolio Pure Skin Essence Sheet Mask // Snail
For this month's sheet mask I got the snail version of the two available in the box! I love snail in skincare products and am so excited to try this one out.
This sheetmask is available in Snail Essence (soothing and regenarating tired skin), Milk Essence (helps maintaining clean and clear skin while promoting skin elasticity and hydration) and two oher types which are not featured in the November box: Pearl Essence (moisturizing and nourishing for glowy skin) and Red Ginseng Essence (keeps skin soft and brightened, helps maintaining a good oil-moisture balance).
Retails for: 2$ / 25ml

This month's box is worth around 43$, a little less than las month but I like the selection of products more than last time.
If you're curious and want to check out the box, you can do it here: Mishibox website
Unboxing // Mishibox October 2016
I know it's already December and this Mishibox I'm about to show you is from October but let's just pretend I'm not too late for once!
This time the box was filled with products from Brands I've either never tried or haven't heard of yet! It's always super exciting for me to get a box exactly for this reason.
Hongik Skin 02 Bubble Foam Cleanser / Aqua or Olive version
I always love getting cleansers as it's one of the most important step in every skincare routine and should definitely not be forgotten. This one is the olive version of the two foam cleansers available and promises to be more moisturizing than the aqua version. I haven't tried it yet as I'm still using another cleanser. Once I've gotten around testing it, I'll give you an update and maybe a review.
Retails for: 22$ / 120ml
MCC Accent Gel Eyeliner
The brand MCC isn't new to me as it's been in another Mishibox already. So far I can say their products perform quite well. My first impression is definitely good! It's got a very clever packaging as the brush already comes with the gel liner itself so it's quite travel friendly. I usually just use eyeliner pens as I'm more used to them and they're more convenient but I'll try this on a daily basis soon. So far all the gel liners I've used dried out way too quickly so I'm worried this one will too.
Retails for: 18$ / 5g
Ladykin Affinitic Cream/Moisturizer & Ladykin Green Harmony Mask Pack
I finally got one of the cute tiny snails I've wanted ever since I've seen them on my instagram feed! They're seriously adorable, right? I got the pink version which is formulated with 80 % Snail Mucin Filtrate. It's supposed to moisturize, provide anti-aging, skin elasticity, prevent skin damage and benefits for glossy skin.
The second Ladykin product is a wash-off pack. It comes in several different types: pumpkin, blueberry, pear and chrysanthemum. I got the pear version which should help to repair skin damage, moisturize, heal acne and control sebum.
Retails for: Ladykin Snail: 5$ / 5ml (Mini Size); 22$ / 100ml (Full Size);
Mask Pack: 3$ / 10ml
Proud Mary Animal Mask Pack
Last but not least, perfect for Halloween, a chracter sheet mask! I got the cute monkey mask which is for soothing, pore care and sebum control.
Retails for: 3$ / 25g

To be honest I'm always surprised how the Mishibox team always finds brands that might not be well known or famous outside of Korea!
This month's box is worth around 51$ depending on where you buy the produtcs.
If you're interested in getting this box, check it out here: Mishibox

Dienstag, 18. Oktober 2016

Sheetmask Roundup September 2016
As I got into sheetmasking and my goal for this year was to use sheetmasks regularly, at least a few times a week, I thought I could also share some mini reviews of them with you!
In September I've used 13 sheetmask, that's actually a record for me! So here are 13 mini reviews, but not in any particular order. :)
I'll try to link all the ingredient lists via CosDNA!

MISSHA Pure Source Cell Sheet Mask Green Tea II Ingredients List
Claims: "Sheet mask containing green tea essence in its compact cell fabric keeps sensitive skin moist and calm"
Scent: slight green tea scent, flies off very quickly
Fit: Quite good, a little bit on the wider side, adheres well to the skin
Results: After taking it off after 1 hour, the sheet was still quite damp, it did moisturize my skin very well and in the next morning it was quite plump. I couldn't see that any redness or pimples calmed down after using this mask. 
I'd say it's good for daily masking, as the sheetmasks are quite cheap and easily available.
Repurchase: Maybe
Available at: ebay I amazon I misshagermany
INNISFREE It's Real Squeeze Mask Green Tea II Ingredients List
Claims: "Real Source Mask with fresh moisture squeezed from green tea that moisturizes the skin to deep inside"
Scent: slight/fresh green tea scent but barely noticable
Fit: Good fit, eye holes are a little small, the upper lip part is big which I really like!
Results: Moisturized my skin quite well and actually think it helped calming down a few spots and a little redness.    
Repurchase: Yes! 
Available at: ebay I amazon I innisfreeofficial
MEDICOS-V Pure Snail Silky Soothing Essential Mask 
Claims:  improves wrinkles, gives intensive moisture
Scent: mild, fresh scent which was barely noticable
Fit: quite okay, eye holes on the smaller side; adheres well to face
Essence: There was so much essence on the sheet and left in the package it was literally dripping while I tried putting it on. I slathered the remaining essence all over my neck, chest, back arms and even on parts of my legs!
Results: It calmed down my breakout a bit and I think it brightened my face, but I'm not completely sure. But nonetheless it provided great moisture!
Repurchase: Maybe
Available at: Skin18

L'AFFAIR Teatree Mask II Ingredients List
Claims: "containing Tea Tree extracts has an exceptional effect on recovery from outside skin irritation, calming down the skin which has been stimulated, six kinds of extracts improve your skin in revitalization and elasticity"
Scent: I'm not good at describing scents but it didn't smell fresh but more like as if you were at a hospital?
Fit: actually really good fit except around the chin, stays on quite well
Results: It moisturized quite well but I can't say if it calmed down my redness or breakout, I haven't noticed a dramatic improvement
Repurchase: Maybe
Available at: Skin18     
ETUDE HOUSE AC Clean Up Mask Sheet
Claims: "Formulated with Salicylic Acid, mask sheet made from 100% Bamboo fibers supplies soothing moisture"
Scent: Quite strong smell, I couldn't pinpoint what it is but didn't like it too much but it's not overwhelming once it's on your face
Fit: very good fit, though eye and mouth holes might be a little bit small
Results: moisturized the skin quite well and didn't leave a sticky/tacky feeling, also soothed my acne a bit, overall a good mask
Repurchase: Yes
Available at: ebay I amazon I etudehouseofficial

ETUDE HOUSE I Need You Tea Tree II Ingredients List
Claims: "This mask sheet contains extract from the clean herb Tea Tree extract, with soothing properties on skin to provide a fresh, clean complexion."
Scent: fresh but went away quickly
Fit: very good, sheet is quite thin and adheres well to the face
Results: It did leave my skin moisturized and soothed. I also noticed that my redness got reduced a bit.
Repurchase: I would if I could but it got discontinued and replaced by a new sheet mask line 
TONY MOLY I'm Real Tea Tree Mask Sheet Skin Soothing II Ingredients List
Claims: "Tea Tree mask gets rid of uneven skin tone"
Scent: like tea tree but a tad more chemical which isn't overwhelmind or disturbing while you're wearing the mask
Fit: okay/so-so, around the nose/eye area the sheet mask didn't really fit well
Results: I felt like it did soothe my skin and redness a bit and it moisturized
Repurchase: Yes (it's super cheap!)
Available at: ebay I amazon I jolse

TONY MOLY I'm Reak Seaweeds Mask Sheet Skin Purifying II Ingredients List
Claims: "Seaweeds mask makes skin look bright and radiant with freshness of the sea"
Scent: fresh, reminded me of something but couldn't pinpoint what it was but I really liked it!
Fit: okay/so-so, quite small around eyes and mouth area
Results: My skin was left moisturized without a tacky/sticky feeling, no noticable results of brightening any redness
Repurchase: Yes (It's cheap and I like the packaging)
Available at: ebay I amazon I jolse
LEADERS INSOLUTION AC-Dressing Skin Clinic Mask II Ingredients List
Claims: "Mask relieves and soothes irritated and sensitive acne skin caused by excessive sebum and skin troubles."
Scent: mild, fresh scent
Fit: quite good, eye holes on the smaller side and mouth hole is a bit big
Results: It definitely calmed down my breakout! Before going to bed I put on the leftover essence and woke up with a quite soothed skin, my breakout didn't magically dissapear but the mask definitely helped reducing it!
Repurchase: Yes!
Available at: ebay I amazon

MEDIHEAL Teatree Care Solution Essential Mask EX.
Claims: relax the skin and hydrating it, it's supposed to tighten the facial line
Scent: faint tea tree(?) scent but barely noticable
Fit: I loved the fit! The sheet is very thin and with the premade cuts around nose, sides it fit even better and adhered well to my skin.
Results: It did calm my skin and redness of my breakout noticably went down overnight.
Repurchase: Yes!
Available at: ebay I amazon
TONY MOLY Pureness 100 Snail Mask Sheet Skin Damage Care II Ingredients List
Claims: "This gentle mask prevents skin damage"
Scent: nothing really noticable
Fit: Okay to ggod fit but a little small around eyes
Results: I did feel a slight sensation while wearing the mask but it was nothing that bothered me, it did moisturize well and calmed my skin a tiny bit but otherwise there weren't any huge effects.
Repurchase: Maybe
Available at: ebay I amazon
ACWELL Drinks Purifying Mask II Ingredients List
Claims: Calming & Purifying
Scent: no scent noticable
Fit: it was okay
Results: Dried out very quickly, I think already after 20 minutes or so. It also didn't do anything for my skin except slightly moisturizing. This mask was a huge disappointment and I still have 3 more of the same brand. :/
Repurchase: NO
Available at: ?

LEADERS STEP SOLUTION Shining Effect Brightening Pearl Mask       
Claims: "Skin tone improving double effect mask with Pearl Protein and Vitamin C Derivatiives for skin vitality and skin brightening."
Scent: no special scent
Fit: fit was quite good
Results: It did brighten my face a bit but other than hydrating my skin it didn't leave a big impression on me.
Repurchase: Maybe
Available at: ebay

As you can see, I mostly used sheetmasks that are on the cheaper side. I just can't justify using super expensive ones on a daily basis yet, that would destroy my wallet. I'll keep those for special days, like if I had to attend an event or if it's my birthday. Therefore my expectations on sheet masks are still pretty basic and not exactly high. Most of these are super cheap and great for daily masking if you want to moisturize and hydrate your skin and pamper yourself after a long school/work day. I'd recommend checking most of the masks I reviewed out!

What are your favorite cheap cheap masks? I'd love to hear some recommendations!