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Freitag, 9. Dezember 2016

Unboxing // Mishibox November 2016

Another month another Mishibox! I like this on even more than than the October edition, because of all the cute things from Tony Moly!
Mediheal Petalpoten Hydrop Sleeping Mask // Lotus
I've only tried sheet masks of this brand so far and really liked them, especially the Teatree Care Solution which I've also reviewed in the past. Also sleeping packs are nice and convenient, especially if you didn't have enough time to put on a sheet mask. I apply one almost every day because I need that extra moisture and hydration as the weather gets colder now.
There are three different versions available in the box: Lotus for pore thightening and impoving elasticity, Primrose which is great for moisturizing, repair and skin tone control and Rose which is supposed to calm and moisturize your skin.
If the Lotuse version works well, I'll definitely consider buying the other two as well! They're also really pretty so they'd make great christmas gifts.
Retails for: 15$ / 55ml
Hongik Skin Hand Butter Cream // Lovely Rose
I got the most festive looking packaging of all the six different flavours. This immediately put me in a holiday mood! I really like the scent but it might be a little too strong and overwhelming for those who are sensitive to smells. Just wanted to put that out there.
I keep it on my table so I won't forget to moisturize my hands every once in a while as they really need it!
This hand cream is available in Cherry Blossom, Apple Mango, Petti Baby, Pure Clean Soap, Romantic Musk and Lovely Rose.
Retails for: 6$ / 50ml
Tony Moly Panda Brightening Eyebase // Petite Bunny Gloss Bar #03 Juicy Apple
Two super cute Tony Moly products! This brand is very popular especially because of - you can probably guess - their adorable packaging designs! I'm no stranger to Tony Moly, I actually own a few of these bunny gloss bars and love them. Actually I already have the excact same flavor so I'm currently giving it away in my current giveaway over on instagram! You can check it out here. I have yet to try the eyebase but I already fell in love with the panda. 
Retails for: Gloss Bars: 8$ / 2g; Brightening Eyebase: 12$ / 9g
Esfolio Pure Skin Essence Sheet Mask // Snail
For this month's sheet mask I got the snail version of the two available in the box! I love snail in skincare products and am so excited to try this one out.
This sheetmask is available in Snail Essence (soothing and regenarating tired skin), Milk Essence (helps maintaining clean and clear skin while promoting skin elasticity and hydration) and two oher types which are not featured in the November box: Pearl Essence (moisturizing and nourishing for glowy skin) and Red Ginseng Essence (keeps skin soft and brightened, helps maintaining a good oil-moisture balance).
Retails for: 2$ / 25ml

This month's box is worth around 43$, a little less than las month but I like the selection of products more than last time.
If you're curious and want to check out the box, you can do it here: Mishibox website

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