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Freitag, 9. Dezember 2016

Unboxing // Mishibox October 2016

I know it's already December and this Mishibox I'm about to show you is from October but let's just pretend I'm not too late for once!
This time the box was filled with products from Brands I've either never tried or haven't heard of yet! It's always super exciting for me to get a box exactly for this reason.
Hongik Skin 02 Bubble Foam Cleanser / Aqua or Olive version
I always love getting cleansers as it's one of the most important step in every skincare routine and should definitely not be forgotten. This one is the olive version of the two foam cleansers available and promises to be more moisturizing than the aqua version. I haven't tried it yet as I'm still using another cleanser. Once I've gotten around testing it, I'll give you an update and maybe a review.
Retails for: 22$ / 120ml
MCC Accent Gel Eyeliner
The brand MCC isn't new to me as it's been in another Mishibox already. So far I can say their products perform quite well. My first impression is definitely good! It's got a very clever packaging as the brush already comes with the gel liner itself so it's quite travel friendly. I usually just use eyeliner pens as I'm more used to them and they're more convenient but I'll try this on a daily basis soon. So far all the gel liners I've used dried out way too quickly so I'm worried this one will too.
Retails for: 18$ / 5g
Ladykin Affinitic Cream/Moisturizer & Ladykin Green Harmony Mask Pack
I finally got one of the cute tiny snails I've wanted ever since I've seen them on my instagram feed! They're seriously adorable, right? I got the pink version which is formulated with 80 % Snail Mucin Filtrate. It's supposed to moisturize, provide anti-aging, skin elasticity, prevent skin damage and benefits for glossy skin.
The second Ladykin product is a wash-off pack. It comes in several different types: pumpkin, blueberry, pear and chrysanthemum. I got the pear version which should help to repair skin damage, moisturize, heal acne and control sebum.
Retails for: Ladykin Snail: 5$ / 5ml (Mini Size); 22$ / 100ml (Full Size);
Mask Pack: 3$ / 10ml
Proud Mary Animal Mask Pack
Last but not least, perfect for Halloween, a chracter sheet mask! I got the cute monkey mask which is for soothing, pore care and sebum control.
Retails for: 3$ / 25g

To be honest I'm always surprised how the Mishibox team always finds brands that might not be well known or famous outside of Korea!
This month's box is worth around 51$ depending on where you buy the produtcs.
If you're interested in getting this box, check it out here: Mishibox

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