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Montag, 26. Dezember 2016

K-Beauty Holiday Editions I'm keeping an eye on

Christmas is over already and though there's still no sign of snow yet, the KBeauty world has blessed us with a few really pretty holiday/christmas/winter editions!
Here I'm going to show you those, which I'm most excited about and plan to purchase something.


Innisfree's limited edition consists of not only beauty items but also candles and that sort of stuff. There's also a DIY musicbox available, which is a really unique and cute idea! I won't purchase anything of the collection but I really like the festive design, especially the cushions. They also offer a planner set with pens/pencils which I'll get through a friend. It comes in two colors and is really cute and makes a great gift, even though christmas is already over.


Look at this beautifu packaging of the Laneige holiday collection. The name 'Milkyway Fantasy' fit's perfectly to that sparkling blue design. I ordered the cushion in the shade #13 and can't wait to get it! I saw many pictures of it and everyone says it looks even prettier in person so I'm really excited.

The Face Shop

The Face Shop did it again. They're constantly bringing out limited editions with the Kakao Friends. I love them so much! Especially Ryan and Apeach which is why I'll probably get the hand creams and the Apeach body wash set. I'm also eyeing the Ryan fragrance set and the cushions, even though I already own two of the 3 types of their CC cushions they offer. Seriously, this is going to be the death of me and my poor wallet.

Banila Co

I grew up watching Pink Panther so I'm overly excited that Banila Co has repackaged their famous cleansing balm and some other products! It also comes with an adorable Pink Panther headband which I want the most, I still have to find a way how to get it without having to buy the complete set.


Most of you probably have heard that COSRX came out with a special christmas pack including the two sleeping masks in a super practical tube form! I'm sad that the tube form is only temporary but COSRX usually listens to their customer's voices so there's hope the new packaging will become a standard! I've actually bought the set twice - once from Jolse and once from LoveMyCosmetics - because I really wanted to get the stickers and the planner  and I was too late at the Jolse sale. If anyone is wondering, the planner is not really a planner but more like a notebook kind of thing, which is fine too. I'll find good use for it!

Holika Holika

This year Holika Holika collaborated with the cute lazy egg Gudetama several times. Though they haven't really released a specific holiday collection, their most recent one, which theme is deserts, fits perfectly to the christmas vibe. I've already purchased one of the blushes but have yet to try it.


PeriPera is I think quite popular because of their Lip Inks, which is why they came out with special holiday packaging of them and even one fitting the new year with cute chicken on top! I read that you can remove the figurines and put them on pencils. Super cute idea!

Etude House

Etude House's collection 'My Little Nut' is really pretty. A lot really like the lipsticks and the eye palettes, which I'm eyeing as well. I'm just waiting for a sale so that I might be able to get the eyeshadow palette with the pretty red colors. I know the products are not really expensive but I can't justify buying another palette when it's not on sale!


I like Clio's cushions, so I'm especially eyeing these! I have no experience with any other of their products so I'm not sure if it's worth getting anything else, but the edition gives of a really nice glam/partying vibe which I really like!

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