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Montag, 20. Februar 2017

Unboxing // Bomibox November

I know this unboxing post is way too late but I wanted to have all the Bomibox unboxings on my blog so bear with me! The other posts about the missing boxes are following soon!

With this particular box I've had quite a few problems because it took ages until I received it as it got into customs with no reason. I've contacted the Bomibox Customer Support and they helped me out! They even paid the custom fees which I'm incredibly happy about because that was quite expensive. I also got assured that they'll look into this matter so it won't happen again in the future and so far it worked, I haven't had any more custom office problems with them up to date! I call that amazing customer service! Thanks again! <3
So let's see what was in the November edition:
This month's quote: I live with passion & purpose
As you can see I love these cards with the quotes on one side. They're so pretty and often inspiring, you could frame them and hang them up on a wall!

First up, all the products I am most excited about!

Son & Park Beauty Water (60ml)
This has been all over social media and news so I've been wanting to try it for quite a while. I'm so happy Bomibox included it this time! The size is big enough to test it out for a while or take it with you on travels.
Prize: ~ 20 $ (340ml) or 30 $ (500ml) I Get it here: Jolse (340ml) Jolse (500ml)
COSRX Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask (Full Size)
I really like this mask but I usually wear it underneath the rice overnight mask from COSR as an additional moisturizing boost. I sometimes even use it in the morning as my daytime moisturizer! It's not as nourishing and rich as the rice overnight mask from COSR so it's suitable for oily skin types as well.
Prize: ~ 10 $ - 15 $ I Get it here: Testerkorea Jolse Memebox BBCosmetic
Benton Honest TT Mist (Full Size)
I haven't tried this out yet but have heard good things about this product and Benton in general. I plan on taking it with me to add a little bit moisure to my skin throughout the day especially when I wear makeup and can't apply a cream easily.
Prize: ~ 8 $ - 11 $ I Get it here: TesterKorea StyleKorean Memebox

Etude House Etti Head Band
I love this headband! I already have the exact same one and use it to get my hair out of the way whenever I put a sheetmask/wash off mask on my face. It can get dirty easily so it's never wrong to have another headband on hand, so that the other can get washed!
Prize: 3 $ - 5 $ I Get it here: TesterKorea Jolse BBCosmetic StyleKorean Memebox
Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder (Full Size)
I actually did not expect this popular powder to be so small! But that's quite practical to take it with you for touch ups! I currently use the one from The Fac Shop and it will probably last me for ages so it won't be soon until I can try this product out.
Prize: ~ 5 $ I Get it here: TesterKorea Jolse Memebox

All the sheetmasks! I love sheetmasking and do it almost daily, sometimes even twice, so  I love this part of the box! :)

Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Rose Mask (Full Size)
I have tried out some Innisfree sheetmasks already and like them so I'm quite excited to try out the rose flavour. I just hope my skin likes roses.
Prize: ~ 1 $ I Get it here: TesterKorea StyleKorean Jolse (3pcs)
Leaders Insolution Mellatox Mask (Full Size)
A few weeks ago I've already tried exactly this mask out and liked it. It didn't brighten my face a lot but it did moisturize my skin and made it feel plump so I'm happy I can use it again.
Prize: ~ 2 $ (~ 28 $ for 10pcs) I Get it here: Stylekorean (10pcs)
Etude House Collagen Eye Patch (Full Size)
These patches are exactly what my undereyes need! I have undereye circles and fine lines which sucks but maybe this helps. I'll use these on the day before I'll go on a date next week! :D
Prize: ~ 1 $ I Get it here: TesterKorea Jolse BBCosmetic (10 pcs)

The value of the box is around 40 $ +/-. Actually not much compared to previous (and following boxes) but I don't think it's bad at all. A box still has to make profit and can't always provide very expensve items every single month. Bomibox still does a great job nontheless and offers a great selection! My favorite items of this month have to be the Son & Park Beauty Water and the Benton Honest TT Mist. I'm curious to try out both as I've read great reviews.

As every subscriber gets a referral link which other can use to subscribe, here's mine:
You don't have to use it though! I don't get any money from it, it's jut a nice service from Bomibox for every subscriber to maybe get a free box if enough people used this link. :)

What do you think about the November Bomibox? 

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